Coaching & Training in English
English almost feels like a second language to me. Having learnt the language in school, working in international companies for 25 years and reading a lot of English books, have ensured that working in English comes almost as natural to me as working in Dutch.

I coach, train and facilitate as easily in the English language as I do in Dutch.


As a lifecoach my speciality is helping you to get a different view on yourself, on others and on life as a whole. This different view will help you to gain more inner peace, less stress and therefore more harmony and balance.

The main goal is that you can simply look upon yourself as a human being again. A human being with all the good and all the flaws that go with it. Getting a more realistic view on what you can expect from yourself.

I have the tools to help you overcome obstacles in live, which are mainly the result of the way you think and act. I can support you breaking free of the grip your own negative thoughts can have on you and your life.


I can help you and your colleagues with an in-depth training Personal Leadership and Development.

In this training my main goal will be to help you to get to know yourself as well as possible. Because I truly believe that real transformation can only be the result of a profound knowledge of who you are, of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

When working in a team it is also benificial if you get to know your team members better. Thus creating more understanding for each other and opening better means of communication.

Game of Gifts

You can work with me with the Game of Gifts. Finding your 12 talents and your mission in life. You can find more information in the English language on the special Game of Gifts website.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the possibilities of this beautiful way of working with your talents.

Where can you find me?

I work in Amersfoort. A 30 minute ride from Amsterdam by car and easily reachable by train. My practice can be reached quite easily from the central train station in Amersfoort by bus or by walking. A good English route description is available.


I have been a coach since 2008. I am a member of the Dutch Order of Professional coaches, the NOBCO who adhere to the rules of the European Individual Accreditation (EIA) and I follow their International Ethics Code. I am registered on the third EIA level, Senior Practitioner.